Good news: electric bills to go down December 1

We’re excited to announce that the Fuel & Purchased Power Charge on your bill will decrease by 21.5 percent December 1 (13.8 cents to 10.8 cents). What does this mean to the bottom line? It means an overall decrease of about 12 percent.

Here are some examples, based on monthly kilowatt-hour usage, of how much a bill will decrease. (You can find your kWh usage on your bill.)

  • 500 kWh = $14.83
  • 700 kWh = $20.76
  • 1,000 kWh = $29.66
  • 1,500 kWh = $44.49
  • 3,000 kWh = $88.98

Why are rates going down? The primary reason is our natural gas-fired power agreements with Chugach Electric Association in Anchorage. We’ve been receiving more natural gas-fired power up the Intertie lessening our dependence on expensive oil-fired generation.

You have the Power to Use Less. Drop your bill even more.

The Fuel and Purchased Power Charge is filed quarterly (March, June, September and December).

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