How is Eva Creek Wind doing?

As of December 31, 2012, all 12 turbines are online and producing power. Even with just 10 of the 12 turbines online, Eva Creek Wind had a great December. It operated at a 53 percent capacity factor, which is slightly above our forecasts.

evacreek1-2012_webThe capacity factor represents the total amount of power the project generated over the month of December divided by the amount of power the project could have generated if it ran at full capacity the entire time (if the wind blew perfectly all month).

(Total power generated in December: 8,034,562 kWh)/ (Nameplate or full capacity for the month: 15,252,000 kWh) = 53%

Based on the data we collected prior to construction, we estimated the average annual capacity factor for the wind farm to be 36 percent. The capacity factor will vary by quarter, with the first and fourth quarters of each year being the windiest.

Just this month so far (through January 23), Eva Creek has produced 7,125,368 kilowatt-hours of electricity, operating at a 52 percent capacity factor.

We’ll be posting monthly statistics on our website:, so stop by and take a look.

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