Winter electric rate forecast

Effective September 1, the Fuel & Purchased Power Charge* will increase from $0.08774 to $0.10576. This charge covers the costs of fuel to operate our local power plants as well as the cost of purchased power from other utilities. It is calculated quarterly with the next adjustment coming December 1.

We don't want to rush it, but we know it's coming.

We don’t want to rush it, but we know it’s coming.

The Fuel & Purchased Power Charge typically goes up in the winter months due to increased oil usage. This winter is no exception and oil prices have been on the rise.

We always max out our lower-cost power sources first, which includes natural gas-fired power from Anchorage and coal-fired power. To meet higher winter demand, we’ll have to run local oil-fired turbines.

Brief History of Fuel & Purchased Power Charge
• September 2013 – $0.10576
• June 2013 – $0.08774
• March 2013- $0.11078
• December 2012 – $0.10802
• September 2012 – $0.13768
• June 2012 – $0.12379
• December 2011 – $0.12737

* This per kilowatt-hour charge is the same across all rate categories (residential, industrial and commercial).

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