Fuel Symposium Scheduled for Thurs, Aug 13

On Thursday, August 13 from 6pm to 8pm, a Fuel Symposium will be held on the UAF campus in the Murie Auditorium (located on UAF’s West Ridge at 982 Koyukuk Dr.).  The event will be moderated by Chancellor Brian Rogers. Five presentations from Alaska’s largest energy providers are scheduled, followed by moderated questions from the public.

To view the flier that has details on event, simply click link:  GVEA Fuel Symposium Aug. 13-2015

If you’re interested, but can’t attend, the event will be streamed live via the internet.  To access the live streaming, click here.

Additionally, an editorial on this event appeared in the FDNM on August 5 and can be accessed here.

Thanks to UAF School of Management for co-hosting this event.

Note:  The Murie Auditorium is located very close to the museum (just to the northwest of it).  Here’s a link to a UAF map, if needed.


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