GVEA Board Approves $6 Million in Capital Credits Refunds

In the November edition of the Ruralite magazine, there’s a one-page article (page 4)  that explains what capital credits are. Unfortunately, when the printing deadline rolled around, we didn’t know what the anticipated 2016 capital credits disbursement would be. Therefore, the article was “generic” in nature.

At the October 24, 2016, GVEA Board meeting, the decision was made to retire all capital credits from 1991 (and earlier), which totaled $6 million.

  • Members whose refunds are greater than $100 will receive a check.
  • Members with refunds of less than $100 will see a credit adjustment to their membership account on upcoming bills.
  • Former members will receive checks if balances exceed $25.

If you have capital credits questions, you can call 907-451-5625 (or 1-800-771-4832) or email capitalcredits@gvea.com. Additionally, there’s more info available on GVEA’s website, located here.



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