Show your support for HCCP

Come show your support for the Healy Clean Coal Plant at tomorrow’s rally. Here are the details:

When: The rally begins at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, May 30. It should conclude no later than 2:30 p.m.

Where: Outside the headquarters of the Northern Alaska Environmental Center, at the corner of College Road and Diane Street (830 College Road). We’ll be rallying on Diane Street.

Why: Interior Alaska needs cheaper power now! HCCP is the fastest way to lower electric bills. But GVEA cannot restart the plant because four environmental groups have objected to the HCCP air permit, putting the project in limbo. We’re sending a message to these groups: drop your opposition so this plant can get back to work.

What to bring: Bring a friend! If you want to make a sign that’s great. We’ll have some sign making material available.

Who will be there: Your neighbors. Community leaders. Politicians. The news media. The larger the crowd, the stronger the message we send.

Why rally? Opposition to the plant is small but organized. Meanwhile, support for the plant is big but disorganized. This rally will help organize the silent majority that wants cheaper power.
The rally will be led by Bernie Karl, president of K&K Recycling and Chena Hot Springs Resort. Bernie is a strong advocate of both renewable and conventional power in the Interior.

What you can do: We’ll have a petition to sign. You can sign up for HCCP e-mail updates. We’ll have action cards that you can mail to these groups and to our congressional delegation. You can meet other Interior residents who share your concern about high energy costs.

Parking: We recommend that you park on side streets or at Joy Elementary. There will be no parking on College Road or Diane Street.

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