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How much does the porch light cost?

Winter is coming and it’s getting dark at night. We know that some of you have turned on your porch lights with no plan to turn them off until March. Everyone likes a bright outdoor light, but do you know how much they cost to operate?

Junior staff coordinator Rick Bahr and the junior staff thank Good¢ents for its donation toward training supplies.

Good¢ents trustees award $53,803

The Good¢ents Board of Trustees recently reviewed 20 applications and awarded 12 grants totaling $53,803. Here is a breakdown of the awards: $5,500 to the Breast Cancer Detection Center of Alaska for an energy-conservation project focused on lighting. $3,000 to Calypso Farm & Ecology Center for a technology upgrade. $5,000 …

Left to right: Healy mechanics, Levi Stamps, Shawn Brekke and Eric Newton, are pictured near the reinstalled valve bonnet.

A lucky find at the Healy Power Plant

A key component of one of the water outlet valves at our Healy Power Plant went missing this spring. During break up, a big chunk of ice came down the Nenana River and ripped the operating mechanism (called the bonnet) right off the valve. The valve was stuck in a …