Electric heater

How much does it cost to run an electric heater?

Electric heaters might be inexpensive to buy, but they are not inexpensive to operate. A typical 1,200-watt electric heater left on just four hours each day will add about $30 to your monthly electric bill. That’s about $1 per day, or $0.25 per hour of operation. Sometimes electric heaters can be …


Is Fairbanks’ population on the decline?

Not if residential electric meters are any indicator If residential electric meters are any indicator of population trends, Fairbanks’ population is still growing. Since 2002, we’ve experienced a 17.5% increase in residential electric meters. And while the percent increase in residential meters has slowed in recent years, it’s still an upward trend. *

Scam Alert

Three scams that could affect you

Last week, a member received a phone call from someone claiming to be a GVEA employee. The caller told the member that his power would be turned off if credit card payment information wasn’t given right away. Fortunately, this member was skeptical and contacted GVEA. If GVEA has any questions …

Joh Walters and Virgil Bullard, Operator/Mechanics, cut gaskets for the new regenerator.

Photos from a North Pole Power Plant project

More than 170 tons of materials have arrived at our old North Pole Power Plant over the past few of weeks. Employees have been anticipating the shipments as they contain the parts for a new regenerator. We’re replacing one of two regenerators in our old North Pole Power Plant. Regenerators capture waste heat from …

Chris Bunch won the runoff election.

Bunch elected to GVEA Board of Directors

Tonight, Golden Valley Electric Association’s Election Committee certified runoff election results for the District 5 seat on GVEA’s Board of Directors. Chris Bunch was newly elected to the board. In June, GVEA’s Election Committee certified the board of director election results for Districts 5 and 6. Incumbent John Sloan was reelected …

Underground Transformer_web

Save yourself a shock; call before you dig

While the vast majority of GVEA’s power lines are above ground, lines are buried in certain areas. Visual clues that the lines are buried might include a lack of above-ground power lines and the presence of green boxes like the one pictured. Avoid the risk of electrocution; if you aren’t …

How much does it cost to run my A/C?

How much does it cost to run my AC?

It’s been HOT! According to a recent News-Miner article, Fairbanksans have been buying up all of the air conditioners and fans available locally. We’ve had some inquiries regarding the cost to run them. Below is a breakdown of the cost to operate an in-room air-conditioning unit for a day and for a month. In …