Good¢ents trustees approve 10 awards

On May 21, the Good¢ents Board of Trustees reviewed 21 applications. It elected to award ten grants totaling nearly $30,500 to four organizations and six individuals. Below is a breakdown of the awards: Organization Awards $9,970 to the Interior Alaska Center for Nonviolent Living for the purchase of a copy …


Electric rates to dip again

Good news, fellow electric rate payers: Expect yet another decrease to your electric bills. Effective June 1, an average residential bill of 660 kWh will decrease $14. We’ve been working hard to reduce energy costs – after all, we live here and care about this community too – and we’re …

Election judges from left to right Monica Apfelbeck, Gale Vick and Ryan Jusczak review ballots on June 6.

Runoff set for GVEA director election

Tonight, Golden Valley Electric Association’s Election Committee certified election results for two seats on GVEA’s board of directors. Incumbent director John Sloan was reelected to District 6. In District 5, a runoff election will take place between the top two candidates, Hank Bartos and Chris Bunch. A runoff is necessary …

Yum. Fish.

Fishing trip vs. the cost to operate your freezer

The fishing trip costs more This answer could probably be argued, but let’s start with the cost to operate the freezer: A chest freezer of this size, 3.5 cubic feet (large enough to hold 120 pounds of frozen fish) consumes about 216 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually. Given current electric rates of 19 …

Look for June's Ruralite magazine in your mailbox soon.

GVEA Ruralite and blog get makeovers

Keep an eye out for changes in the Ruralite magazine. In April, we began running local feature stories on pages 28 and 29 of the monthly member magazine. For example, you can read about the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum in April’s issue and Fairbanks’ downtown Paint the Pipes art project …

Eva Creek Wind video makes its debut

Curious about the story behind the Eva Creek Wind project? Find out how the 12 turbines were transported to the small town of Ferry, Alaska. Then, watch as the 262 ft. wind turbines are erected. The following video made its debut at GVEA’s Annual Members’ Meeting and is now available to all — check it out!  


New bill design PLUS rolling average billing

You might notice that your electric bill looks a bit different this month. Then again, you might not. Regardless, we’d like to tell you what’s changing: We’ve made room for the NEW Rolling Average and Levelized Budget Billing Plans. Read on to find out more. The usage bar graph has moved …

Front row: Ellen Axmear ($500), Judith Leslie-Patton ($1,000) and Bettie Upright ($250 Safeway card)

Back row: Larry McGrady ($250), Phyllis Sheets ($500), Marie Harrington ($250), Richard Patton (w/Judith), Brianna Conley ($250) and Richard Wagner ($250)

Annual members’ meeting highlights 2012 achievements

This year’s annual members’ meeting focused on the co-op’s 2012 successes and energy conservation. “I can’t take credit for the successes,” said Cory Borgeson, President & CEO. “It’s a team of dedicated employees, contractors and members who make things happen around here.” Here are some of this year’s highlights: The board …