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Eva Creek Wind Project

Eva Creek Wind video makes its debut

Curious about the story behind the Eva Creek Wind project? Find out how the 12 turbines were transported to the small town of Ferry, Alaska. Then, watch as the 262 ft. wind turbines are erected. The following video made its debut at GVEA’s Annual Members’ Meeting and is now available to all — check it out!  

Eva Creek Wind Update: How’s it doing?

It’s doing well! The project is meeting our expectations. In fact, during these winter months (the windiest months of the year) the wind resources have been greater than anticipated resulting in higher power output than expected. All 12 turbines were online and fully commissioned on December 31, 2012. Between January 1 …

GVEA named Wind Cooperative of the Year

Fairbanks’ local electric cooperative was named Wind Cooperative of the Year in the category of distribution cooperatives on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy and National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. The award was presented at the NRECA TechAdvantage Conference on February 21, 2013. This 12th annual award recognizes electric …

How is Eva Creek Wind doing?

As of December 31, 2012, all 12 turbines are online and producing power. Even with just 10 of the 12 turbines online, Eva Creek Wind had a great December. It operated at a 53 percent capacity factor, which is slightly above our forecasts. The capacity factor represents the total amount …