Your emails worked – Now support SB 23 (LNG)

Thank you to all of you who showed your support for HB 74 the LNG trucking project last week. The emails you sent were successful. Now the issue is before the House Finance Committee and they need to hear from us, too.

We’ll need to move quickly to provide public comment from the community in support of Senate Bill 23, which provides state backing for the LNG trucking project. This bill will be heard by House Finance at 1:30 PM on Monday, March 25.

When you have a moment (the sooner the better), please write a short message of support for an Interior LNG trucking project and send it the two co-chairs: and

Here are some key points you may want to include in your message:

  • As a heavy consumer of oil, GVEA is in support of bringing lower cost fuel (such as LNG) to the Interior. The cooperative could burn LNG in its North Pole Expansion Power Plant, potentially saving Interior electric ratepayers millions of dollars annually.
  • Lower cost LNG is needed to help reduce the Interior’s high space heating costs.
  • Clean-burning LNG will help lower pollution levels in the Interior (PM 2.5).
  • An Interior LNG trucking project could provide less expensive propane for villages up and down the Yukon River (propane is a by-product of natural gas processing).

Thank you again for your support.