District 5 & 6 candidate photos and bios posted

If you live in the areas of North Pole, Salcha or Delta Junction (Districts 5 and 6), your board representative is up for election this year.

Thanks to the nominating committees who worked hard to select this year’s candidates. In addition to the four candidates nominated by committee, Hank Bartos completed the petition process for District 5.

District 5

One vote per membershipnominated by committee

  • Chris Bunch
  • Richard Holm

nominated by petition

  • Hank Bartos

District 6

nominated by committee

  • Steve Lemons
  • John Sloan, incumbent

Visit GVEA’s website for candidate photos, bios and Q&As. Ballots will be mailed on May 3.

GVEA is a cooperative. It is owned by its members (GVEA account holders) and its activities are overseen by a seven member board of directors. Voting for your board representative is a great way to get involved in the cooperative.