Don’t let the vampires suck you dry

Save your soul with a Smart Strip

Lead vocal, Dwight Trash, breaks it down in GVEA's music video about vampire appliances.

Lead vocal, Dwight Trash, breaks it down in GVEA’s music video about vampire appliances.

Halloween is just around the corner making this a great time to talk about vampires. Let’s leave blood-sucking vampires out of this and instead talk about the ones that suck electricity.

These vampires come in the form of household appliances and can run up your electric bill when you aren’t looking. Here are some of the vampires you should hunt down in your home:

  • TVs (especially plasmas)
  • Radios
  • Video game consoles (all of them)
  • Stereos
  • Computers
  • Cell phone chargers (not all of them)

Really, anything that leaves a light on (can be in clock form) when it is turned “off” is sucking energy. For example, the TV is constantly awaiting a signal from your remote. A computer in “sleep” mode is just waiting for you to wiggle the mouse.

What can you do to conserve this energy? Turn these appliances completely off. Use a Smart Strip to plug in electronic appliances, especially televisions or computers with a bunch of auxiliary pieces and parts (gaming consoles, sound systems, DVD players, etc.).

Save your soul from the vampires and get that electric bill a bit lower.

Check out our video about vampire appliances: