Run for GVEA’s Board of Directors

Application deadline is January 9, 2014, in GVEA’s Fairbanks office

fourcolor-small-rgbIf you have been waiting for an opportunity to get involved in your cooperative, here is a good one. Nominating Committees in GVEA’s Districts 1, 2 and 3 are seeking board of director applicants. If you live in one of these districts and are interested in serving, contact a member of your nominating committee. Alternatively, you can visit our website for the following information:

Directors attend monthly board meetings and frequent committee meetings. Some travel and national certification are required. On average, directors can expect to spend 500 hours a year on GVEA-related business.
Board members are paid meeting fees and mileage. Health insurance is available for 25 percent of the plan premium.

District 1 Nominating Committee
District 1 includes the general areas of College Road, the University of Alaska, Sheep Creek, Murphy Dome and Goldstream roads, Farmers Loop, the Old Steese Highway, Graehl townsite, Slater subdivision and the Railroad industrial area.

  • Jim Dixon, Chairman 479-4306
  • Monica Apfelbeck 450-9834
  • Paul Eaglin 374-4744
  • Grier Hopkins 347-2101

District 2 Nominating Committee
District 2 includes the general area south of College Road, Danby Street, Aurora subdivision, Geist Road, University West, Chena Ridge, Goldhill Road, Ester and the Parks Highway.

  • Gale Vick, Chairwoman 227-7442
  • LJ Evans 479-3456
  • Peggy Kalu 799-2263
  • Lorna Shaw 590-1607
  • Stephen Stephens 378-6569

District 3 Nominating Committee
District 3 includes the area south of the Chena River (excluding downtown Fairbanks), the airport, west and south Fairbanks, Van Horn industrial area, Richardson Highway, the west half of Badger Road, and Lakloey, Dennis, Holmes and Bradway roads.

  • David Bates, Chairman 322-2371
  • Jessica McMillen 687-4413
  • Paul Tritt 328-1984

Not sure which district you live in? Your district number is printed on your GVEA bill.