Fishing trip vs. the cost to operate your freezer

The fishing trip costs more

This answer could probably be argued, but let’s start with the cost to operate the freezer:

Yum. Fish.

Yum. Fish.

A chest freezer of this size, 3.5 cubic feet (large enough to hold 120 pounds of frozen fish) consumes about 216 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually. Given current electric rates of 21 cents per kWh, it would cost about $45 to operate this freezer for a year. Now, let’s look at the fishing trip (assume you go out on a friend’s boat):

  • Gas to drive to Valdez and back – $150
  • Food – $30
  • Resident Annual Sport Fishing License – $24
  • You get the point

You have the Power to Use Less: Defrost your freezer this summer before you head out to restock for winter. Also, clean the coils. It will run more efficiently, not to mention you’ll have more room for the fish.

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