GVEA Directors Elected

Tonight, Golden Valley Electric Association’s Election Committee certified election results for two seats on GVEA’s board of directors. Gary Newman was newly elected to District 4. In District 7, incumbent director Bill Nordmark was reelected. Ballots were mailed to all members residing in Districts 4 and 7 on May 8, 2015. Members had the option of returning ballots either by mail or electronically. A 10 percent return was required for a quorum.

District 4  –  Ballots mailed: 6,063

  • Valid ballots returned:  1,036 votes – 17%
    • Frank Eagle, incumbent:   461 votes – 45%
    • Gary Newman:    571 votes – 55%

Eagle served on GVEA’s board for the past three years. Newman will be seated at the June 22 board meeting.

District 7  –  Ballots mailed:  1,114

  • Valid ballots returned:  224 votes – 20%
    • Bill Nordmark, incumbent:  137 votes – 61%
    • Keith Walters:  87 votes – 39%

Nordmark, who ran against Keith Walters, was appointed to the board in 1995. He currently serves as chairman of the board.

More information on the voting districts and the candidates can be found at www.gvea.com.  Golden Valley Electric Association is a member-owned cooperative, owning and operating five power plants that provide power to nearly 100,000 Interior residents.